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I have friends who dropped out. They seem fine.

Maybe your friends lost interest, motivation, or financial support because of decisions or personal challenges. That doesn't mean these were good decisions. We hate to sound preachy, but "because other people are doing it" is a terrible way to live. Chances are that many of them will return to school one day. Lots of folks take the scenic route. Maybe you are, too. That's ok. If you do some research and talk with different colleges, you can make a way for yourself that fits your interests, learning style, and even how you work. The choice is yours.

School looks really boring. I just want to get a job instead.

Think of it this way: The job that you will get right now without a degree will likely be the type of job that you will get for the rest of your life. Yes, there are a few people who work their way up the career ladder without a higher education. Not many, though. And, it will take you much longer. Not only that, you are totally stacking the deck against your chances of having options to make more money and have a better life down the road. Know what's boring? Having to go to the same dead-end job every day just to make ends meet.

It's too hard! I don’t think I can do what will be asked of me.

OK. Let's get this straight. There's a difference between "hard" and "too hard." There will probably be moments when you think it's "too hard." That's how you know you're on the right track. Think about it this way: Your education will create the foundation for your future career. Don’t you want that foundation to be strong and something you put a lot of effort into? You're going to have classmates and friends to help you get through those times. And, most schools have mentorship or tutoring programs for when you have an especially hard time with something. Use 'em!