Being out of school for almost 12 years before I saw the inside of a college was intimidating.

Being out of school for almost 12 years before returning to college was somewhat intimidating. Going back at 31 and wondering how to balance full-time work, a family and studying for school was overwhelming. I thought, "To get a four-year degree at this pace, I will be 40 or older before it's over!" Someone told me this: "You'll turn 40 with or without a degree anyway!" After taking my basics in a local community college, it was a privilege to go to a university only an hour from home. The doors that have opened because of my continued education have been nothing short of miraculous. Over the last 15 years, I have been Vice President of Human Resources, Corporate Vice President of Human Resources and Vice President of Operations for a 50-million-dollar automotive supplier. I currently manage a Grammy-winning gospel artist in Nashville named Jason Crabb. None of this would have happened without my formal education.